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2017-06-01 07:57:07 by PsychoBlender

So it turns out that I haven't died yet and am still not famous, perhaps more infamous. :p I have been traveling into alternate dimensions and seeking the knowledge of the ancients. In the time between 2010 and now I have made numerous projects music related and not. I had all of my song files uploaded to my google drive and ended up losing most of my years of work. Personally I think I was sabotaged by a few assholes that I considered to be close friends. But that is simply a hunch. So I will be uploading basically all that I do still have. Remnants of my personal grimoire of audio spells. A fraction of what I invested hundreds if not thousands of hours into. Then again you might have heard some of my stuff published and ratted out under some POS rogue's fabricated glory hole. I figure I might as well get what I have out there before someone casts a dark hole on my life's work again. Hope you all enjoy and would love feedback etc. Have a fantastic day ya'll.